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A mother who burst into tears as she was jailed today for letting her husband rape and impregnate her daughter three times when she was only 12 years old, was told by a judge that she must take her guilt to her grave.

The 44-year-old was described in court as an evil and wicked step-father and was jailed for 20 years after a jury convicted him of impregnating his step-daughter.

His wife, the girl’s birth mother had allowed the abuse to take place and refused to listen when her daughter pleaded for help for fear that her husband would end their relationship.

The couple’s sentencing had been delayed when the woman defendant suffered a panic attack on the morning she was due to appear via video link before a packed public gallery at Aylesbury Crown Court on Friday.

As the mother burst into tears today as she appeared via video link to receive her sentence for neglect, sentencing judge Francis Sheridan told her: “The tears you shed are for yourself. I do not think any of them are for your daughter.

“I am not in any way influenced. You have not shown any sign of remorse

“It is time somebody told you to your face – and I will: You were a wicked mother. When your daughter complained, her complaints were dismissed.

“You will take that dismissal to the grave. You betrayed your daughter to stand by your husband.

“She has gone through what can only be described as a life of hell. There must have been times in her young life where there appeared to be almost no remission from abuse.”

The step-father, referred to as the first defendant, began sexually assaulting his victim when she was aged 10 years while they were on holiday in Southport and then continuously raped and sexually assaulted his victim in her own home until she was 16 years old.

At one point his brother, a man who had spent some time in a mental hospital, was left alone with the step daughter and also began to rape her.

When the step-father learned of this, he continued to allow the brother to visit the family home.

Prosecuting counsel, Angus Robertson, described an incident where the step-father raped the young girl while they were in the living room watching football on TV and the mother shouted downstairs to ask what they were doing

The step-father had shouted back ‘nothing’, and no more was said but the girl maintained in court the mother had known.

Mr Robertson said: “When she was aged 12 years, she found she was pregnant. She had a termination of the pregnancy. She did not want to have that termination. The first defendant told the second defendant that if the pregnancy wasn’t terminated he would end the relationship and leave her…Continue Reading


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