Spain’s football league, La Liga, announced on Thursday that their clubs had posted a record revenue of €4.479 billion for the 2017-18 season.

The number marks a 20.6 percent growth from the previous campaign (€3.6 billion) and therefore becomes the best in the competition’s history.

Crucially, it has not been bloated by a new TV deal given the figures come from the second of a three-year domestic cycle on audio-visual rights, which will come up for renewal in the 2019-20 season.The current figure of audio-visual turnover surpassed the €1.5 billion mark for the first time in this set of financial results.

Commercial revenue – up 34.1 percent with a 838m euro turnover – and revenue from player transfers – up €104.3 to 1.02 billion – were the two main contributors to the league’s strong annual growth, with higher sums forecast next year.( Read More ) [via @SuperSportTV]

By Ian Dei

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