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A mum woke in horror after her cut price teeth whitening kit left her looking like she’d had botched lip fillers.

Clare Clark thought she’d stumbled on a bargain when she bought the £60 teeth whitening kit, especially as she have it done at home.

But the 42-year-old suffered a terrible allergic reaction to the treatment and woke up with a mouth so swollen so could hardly eat or talk.

The univeristy manager spotted the deal on Facebook and, after paying £200 for two previous teeth whitening sessions, was delighted with the price.

Clare, from Bristol, also liked the fact the beautician would come to her home, which meant she didn’t have to find childcare for her young sons

But the morning after the treatment Clare realise something was very wrong when she woke with her mouth swollen and covered in blisters.

She said: “When I woke up, I could just feel something was wrong.

“I couldn’t even look in a mirror at first, then I caught sight of myself in a window and thought, ‘Oh my god.’

“I looked as if I had botched lip fillers. I was so embarrassed and didn’t want anybody to see me – but I wasn’t technically sick and so still had to go to work.”

Clare had first had her teeth whitened by a dentist in early 2006.

She said: “The process each time was fairly similar. You’d go, get a mouth guard to fit your teeth and hold the gel, then a specialised light was shone on to activate the gel.”

Clare hadn’t suffered any side-effects with either treatment.

She said: “Teeth are such a big part of your face that it is easy to get self-conscious about them, and we could all do with a slightly whiter smile…Continue Reading


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