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Another Instagram couple is being chastised for taking a photo outside of a moving train in Sri Lanka.

The influencers, Jean and Camille of the BackpackDiariez Instagram handle, were photographed gripping onto the side of a blue train while leaning out for a risky kiss. The pair were traveling to Ella, Sri Lanka, and took the picture while the train was moving along a bridge through dense trees.

Camille’s brother reportedly snapped the pic.

The Brussels-based couple captioned the shot, “one of our wildest kisses,” and posted it to their shared travel-themed Instagram page last week

However, the photo, which has accumulated nearly 40K likes in three days, was quickly ripped apart by fans who were concerned that the Instagram-famous duo was promoting dangerous behaviors.

“And then they wonder why people die by trying to get similar pics…” one person commented on the controversial photo.

“It has nothing to do with wilderness it’s pure stupidity, I hope no one will die trying to do the same but if this happens it will be all on you!” another person wrote…Continue Reading


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