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The following are five talking points from the weekend’s Serie A action.


Juventus coach Massimiliano Allegri was involved in a furious row with Sky Italia television pundit Lele Adani following Saturday’s 1-1 draw with Inter Milan.Serie A coaches have to give up to four separate interviews with rights holders following games. A coach is often hooked up to a panel of experts who tend to give opinions rather than simply ask questions in exchanges that can last several minutes.

Allegri, who last week won his fifth successive Serie A title since joining Juventus, became increasingly agitated at Adani’s comments about his team’s alleged failings and the pair ended up shouting over each other.”You just sit there behind the desk, you read your books, but you don’t know anything about the practicalities of the sport. I’ve won six Serie A titles,” said Allegri, who then walked off.

Explaining his reaction in a chat show on Sunday, Allegri said: “Every time you hear this lecture on what you did wrong and ought not to be doing, it can wind you up and I am only human.( Read More ) [via @SuperSportTV]

By Ian Dei

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