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Even if you don’t listen to her music, everyone at least knows the name Ariana Grande. Over the last decade, the pop princess has become a global superstar across many genres of music, as well as in the acting scene, and recently has entered the top 100 influential people in the world.

She began her illustrious career 11 years ago starring in a musical on Broadway, before taking up singing/song writing, and moving on to various other acting roles. Having surpassed 85 million streams of ‘7 Rings’, there is no question how she has grown her fortune, and there is always one question we all ask ourselves about stars such as Ariana Grande…how does she spend her $50 million USD net worth?

This may sound like a very straightforward purchase, however as you can imagine, this is no ordinary home. At only 24 years of age, Grande has set up her personal residence in Beverly Hills (where else, really), which covers almost 2,000 meters atop a hill with panoramic views of Greater Los Angeles.

The home comprises of 5 bedrooms, all with bathrooms, along with a small plunge pool overlooking the hills. It is unclear how much this house has cost, but I can assure you that the pop star had no troubles gathering her millions, however many, to purchase this wonderful home.



Not just any clothes. Ariana Grande has admitted to purchasing some of her clothes from adult stores! Upon further research, we am somewhat glad to inform ‘Arianators’ that what clothes she buys from these stores depends on the occasion.
She told The Mirror that even she was shocked to know her stylist was purchasing some outfits from adult stores and was even more shocked when they were shopping for a Halloween costume and they somehow ended up in one of these store…we are still not sure exactly which one though.



No, Ariana Grande does not own Kenley Collins, but she says that every piece of clothing she owns that is designed and made by her good friend Collins, are her most prized and valued possessions.

For some stars, it is that shiny red Ferrari, or perhaps an artwork worth millions of dollars, but for Grande, it is the clothes personally designed and made by her good friend. She says they have a deal whereby Collins designs millions of clothes for Grande, and simply sends them to over. While this may not be a one-off, crazy purchase, the clothes, and sentimental value are what makes this collection priceless.



We were planning to leave the famous 7 Rings until number 1, but we felt number 7 is quite appropriate. Ariana Grande’s most famous song, ‘7 Rings’, was inspired by her break-up with Peter Davidson, her once fiancée.

Post-break-up, she hit the town with 7 of her girlfriends, ending with her purchasing each of the lucky ladies an engagement ring (the worth of each ring is not quite known) to promote female empowerment. Wouldn’t you just love a friend that buys engagement rings like groceries? We know we would!



Upon supposedly playing Pokémon Let’s GoEevee on Nintendo Switch for an incredible 15 hours straight, the pop princess decided to imprint her skin with an Eevee on her upper arm, in order to commemorate her love for the franchise.
It is hard to tell, amongst the others present on her body, if this tattoo is personally significant, or if she just has money to blow. Grande had apparently wanted this tattoo for some time, openly talking about the subject with a fan!Continue Reading


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