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A mum-of-two has been convicted ofmurder after she shot her long-time boyfriend in ‘self defence’ following years of abuse.

Nicole Addimando, 30, was found guilty of second-degree murder on Friday for shooting and killing gymnastics coach Christopher Grover at their apartment in Poughkeepsie, New York in September 2017.She faces life in prison at her sentencing hearing, scheduled for May 20, according to US media.

Addimando took the stand at the Duchess County Court and claimed she had suffered years of torture, physical and sexual abuse

On the night of the murder, she flagged down a police car and told an officer there had been an ‘incident’ at her home.

Police found Grover’s body on the couch, with one arm resting on his torso and the other at his side.

Just hours before he died,the Child Protective Services (CPS) had visited the apartment after an anonymous complainant reported that Addimando had bruises on her and expressed concerns about for their two children, Ben and Faye.

Chana Krauss, prosecuting, said: “That wasn’t self-defence. Chris Grover was sleeping on the couch. This was intentional murder.”

During the trial, the jury heard testimony from nearly 20 witnesses, it is reported.

In prosecutor’s version, Addimando was a “master manipulator” who concocted a story of abuse to justify killing Grover.

Krauss said in closing statement: “Grover is not on trial. Addimando killed him. He doesn’t have the opportunity to defend himself.”Continue. Reading


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