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A British girl has been raped on a cruise ship sailing in the Mediterranean, according to reports.

The 17-year-old was allegedly pushed into a cabin by an Italian man in the early hours of the morning.

Spanish media say the suspect has been released without charges after appearing before a court in Valencia, because the alleged incident took place in international waters and there was no jurisdiction over a person who did not reside in Spain.

The alleged victim is said to have been travelling on board the cruise liner with her parents.

On arrival in Valencia, the incident was reported to the ship’s captain who alerted the port authorities and then the police. The girl was later taken to hospital for a full examination.

According to the Spanish media, officers went to the cruise liner and searched a cabin, taking forensic samples and also examining the girl’s clothing.

The man under suspicion was arrested by the police when he returned to the ship after visiting Valencia for the day.

He was arrested and interviewed but by the time he was released by the court after confirmation that he had no Spanish address, the liner had already left Spain for Marseille.

It is understood the girl and her parents continued on the cruise and the investigation remains open…Continue Reading

By Ian Dei

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