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A killer who drank the blood of a murdervictim in a silver goblet used fake qualifications to get jobs as a doctor in a hospital .

Boris Kondrashin, 36, was spared jail for killing and dismembering a friend after he was diagnosed with “mania to murder”, a condition doctors described as “schizophrenia in the form of homicidomania”.

And since then, he somehow posed as a GP, a psychiatrist and a specialist in addictions at a busy hospital by providing fake qualifications.

Kondrashin has now been exposed as a fraud with no medical expertise after treating hundreds of patients in Chelyabinsk, Russia.

But the twisted fraudster had administered a friend a lethal dose of tranquilliser and then dismembered the body with a hacksaw around 20 years ago.

He yanked out the heart and one eye to preserve in formalin, ate part of the liver and threw other body parts out of his flat window.

The murderer drank blood from a “specially prepared silver goblet” under instructions from Satan, he claimed…Continue Reading

By Ian Dei

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