Tiny water bugs are one of nature’s deadliest predators devouring frogs, turtles, ducks and even venomous snakes, stunned scientists have discovered.

A shocking new study revealed the fearless four-inch aquatic vampire-like “monsters” regularly take on and eat creatures up to ten times their size.

They just take up a position holding onto a plant in the water, and anything that moves in front of them, they’ll grab it and try to eat it,” he said.

The amazing new research – published in the latest edition of the journal Entomological Science – takes a closer look at the hunting skills of the bugs.

The largest of the 150 species – Lethocerus grandis and Lethocerus maximus – are found in South America and have an incredible appetite.

Study author Shin-ya Ohba, associate entomology professor at Japan’s Nagasaki University, says the bugs are super strong – despite their tiny size.

He said their front legs are “Popeye” like and the bugs have even been known to use their incredible power to take down a turtle.

Once prey comes within reach, the predators quickly snap their front legs tight and grasp the creature with their other legs.

They then pierce their prey with a dagger-like proboscis, injecting enzymes and possibly toxins into their unfortunate victims, reports the National GeographicContinue Reading

By Ian Dei

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