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Pretty, well-liked, and intelligent, Kristen Gilbert’s seemingly blessed life hid a damning secret. She appeared to have it all; good nursing job, loving husband and children. Down to the blonde bob, Kristen Gilbert was virtually indistinguishable as the typical mother in the Massachusetts suburb she called home.

But her facade of an ordinary working mother covered a much more unusual life: one of duplicity and murder. Convicted on four counts of murder, it’s possible the victims Gilbert left in her wake numbered even more.

The Making Of A Murderess

Kristen Gilbert’s origins were as unremarkable as anything else on the surface of her life. She was born Kristen Heather Strickland in 1967 and raised in a nuclear family of a working dad and homemaker mother in a well-to-do Massachusetts suburb.

A gifted student, Gilbert was a member of the math club and ultimately studied her way into nursing. But at the same time, Gilbert was something of an odd-ball. Friends and former boyfriends recalled her as manipulative. She reportedly lied a lot as well.

She went on to get her nursing degree at Greenfield Community College in 1988 when she married Glenn Gilbert and began working at Northampton’s Veteran Affairs Medical Center. Her work at the Northampton was rewarding, challenging, and exciting. Her coworkers liked her and she reportedly organized a yearly gift exchange for disadvantaged families.Continue Reading

By Ian Dei

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