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In October of 2001, Katherine Knight’s trial was almost ready to start. She had entered a plea of not guilty and her legal team had a solid defense ready. They were prepared to support her with expert witnesses, and so far, it looked like the jury pool would swing in her favor.

Who wouldn’t? After all, she was such a sweet, matronly looking woman, how could she have committed the heinous crime of which she was accused?

Then, the day that the trial commenced, the judge adjourned the case without testimony. It seemed, at some point during the night, Katherine Knight had changed her plea to guilty. She was escorted to prison that day and the judge ordered that her papers be marked “never to be released.” For the first time in history, a woman in Australia was given a life sentence without parole.

A fitting sentence, given that Knight stabbed her boyfriend 37 times, skinned his body, and cooked parts of him into a stew that she intended to serve to his children.

To this day, Katherine Knight still maintains her innocence and refuses to accept responsibility for her actions.

She’s appealed her sentence before, though the appeal was denied almost immediately. Though Knight claims that she has no memory of what she did and that she wasn’t capable of such a thing, her past with men tells a rather different — and chilling — story.

Knight’s violent history begins in 1973

While working as a boner in a butcher shop, Knight met David Kellett. Kellett was a raging alcoholic and was prone to fistfights whenever the opportunity presented itself. Surprisingly, Kellett found that Knight could hold her own, and never hesitated to join him in a scuffle.

He soon realized, however, that Knight was capable of doing more than a little damage with her fists, and before long was finding himself dominated by her. In 1974, she even convinced him to marry her, though he was heavily intoxicated the entire time.

His intoxication that day was almost his downfall.Continue Reading

By Ian Dei

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