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A baby boy aged just 10 months was given an enema with scalding hot water in hospital, leaving him fighting for his life in intensive care.

Distressing images show the baby screaming in agony after the procedure left him with severe burns and “giant” blisters.

The boy, named as Nurislam, had already been hospitalised with a respiratory infection and was starting to feel better after three days of treatment, his devastated mother Arainur Kalkaman has said.

A doctor prescribed an enema because the child was constipated, but he started crying and screaming in pain the moment a nurse started the procedure, his mother claims.

The nurse has since been suspended.

Mrs Kalkaman, from Shymkent, Kazakhstan, claims she told the nurse to stop but she refused, saying “she knew better”.

The mother said her son continued to cry after the enema and she discovered that he was badly burned.

She said: “I saw that the skin on my son’s bottom was badly burned.

“His right buttock was covered with horrible giant blisters…Continue Reading

By Ian Dei

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