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Greeting is an act of communication that we can use to deliberately make our presence known to one other, perhaps to also show attention to or even suggest a cordial relationship between individuals or groups of people. Greetings are sometimes used just to start conversation or just to greet and pass.

Have you wondered why old people or people in authority get angry when you don’t greet them.Greetings!Greetings!!Greetings!!!Everybody is doing it. Is it neccessary or not?Could it be just body gesture or it should always be an accepted phrase or a word.For instance; Good morning, Hello,Hi,Hey,Good afternoon,Good evening,etc.
A greeting can be an exchange of formal expressions like kisses, handshakes, hugs, and various gestures. The form of greeting is determined by social etiquette, as well as by the relationship of the people greesting eachother.

As a matter of fact, if you spend just less than a second or second to greet someone whether by voice or gesture it worths it since it opens door way into peoples life. After greetings, conversations could be established. Lionel Richie’s all time Hit “Hello” is a song that opens a door way into a persons life;He said that.

Right now when I say Hello you will automatically turn to me. This is an evident that I have been accepted into your cycle. After a survey we deduced and concluded why greetings are so important to peoples. The following are just 4 reasons you should greet:

  • To Establish A Friendly Environment

You may find yourself in a strange place. Especially where you may not be able to bump into someone and simply ask for a direction.

So first a body gesture in the form of a greeting would do and then the opportunity would be created for any extra conversation.

  • Courtesy For All

As a matter of fact gentlemen and ladies do greet. Respect is reciprocal.For instance you bored a bus and found yourself in the midst of elderly people or even your peer. What should you do? Don’t just sit with your earphone all over and mind your business. Greet! I say greet and that will make people see you differently. Besides this is going to make you a member of that family in the bus. Because a person’s family are those that are immediately close to him or her. If you should collapse they those near by that can help you by simply calling for help or call the ambulance.

  • Greeting can protect you from danger

Lots of people ignore strangers lately and only few people will even notice your presence. Only greetings can make a stranger freindly within a moment. We live in times of peril and so people are being too much careful over issues or matters. You walk somewhere you don’t know or you may have overlooked a signpost warning you of a deep trench. The person you just greeted may be of help by yelling to warn of that danger ahead because he or she might be coming from that direction. So at the end your greeting has saved you from that danger.

  • Greetings help to maintain relationships

Greeting could pose itself as the meter in our society that shows if someone is in good terms with you or not. Sometimes when the expression is done with a brightened smile and warm tonal depiction, you will know the status of your relationship. A grudge accent greeting to the other party can easily be noticed and hence inquiry can be made for the reason of such disposition. An absolute refusal to greet means the parties involved are not in good terms.

By Ian Dei

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