I am a nurse with three children. My husband and I are traditionally married. He doesn’t want to sign the marriage certificate at court. And he behaves like he was forced to marry me because we had our firstborn premarital.

He is a good father but a poor husband. He doesn’t communicate with me, he comes home late and disrespects me.I have been doing my best to please him despite everything.

So, along the line, which is around early late year, opportunity came for nurses to be able to travel with their whole family to work and stay abroad.I told him about this but he discouraged me.

Well, I applied anyway and God being so good I was selected to have that travelling card. I told him about it and his reaction surprises me. i am deeply hurt. Quickly, he wants us to go and sign the marriage certificate and go on with it.

This hypocrisy digusts me and I have a strong feeling he will abandon me and my children when I take him along. And now he has been spreading it to his family that I am declining taking him along. I want to go with my children without him. I can’t trust him. I believe he will abandon me there.

What should I do, because he is making me be the bad person in the picture now. All that he did to me was kept in the closet but he is quick to tarnish my image. Tables are turned and he feels he is losing. I don’t believe him!

Please What Should I do?

By Ian Dei

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  1. Your husband’s attitude is a little bit similar to that of my husband.i don’t contribute to what I read online but I just feel I need to inform you my dear, your husband will disappoint big time when you guys get to where you are going.a word to the wise is enough.as am saying this now,my husband has not sign our marriage certificate since 2014.

  2. Don’t go with him my sister. He will disappoint you big time. I have a story similar to yours and I intend leaving his sorry ass.

  3. Dear sister of friend,sorry for me being straight forward you shouldn’t have asked a question,please abandon him because he will misbehave when you send him there as you said,God will even bless you with a better man that deserves you.

  4. Gm,pls am Gloria Boye, 25yrs with 2 daughters 2and four months old .The father of my 2 daughters is working bt am nt workings, he is a womanizer ,he does nt respect me ,I have this beautiful children through premarital , we have plans of getting married early next year ,bt unfortunately he has a child with another women ,the child is 1 year now ,the most painful part is dat wen ever he is broke I give him moni tu used ,I cook I called him tu cam and eat .he will came and eat ,I used tu wash his cloth for the past 2years now ,bt have stop washing ,he has changed ,the is no communication between us from day 1 ,wen I try talking tu him he is always busy with his fone and avoiding me like am nt a human being ,even I known abt the other child ,so I tired my best for him tu tell me the truth abt it ,Bt he will denied it and avoid me .so I reported him tu our pastor before he confess he has impregnated same one ,since dat dat wen ever I ask him for moni for the upkeep of the children ,he will pour insult on me .and now he is force in me tu marry him which I don’t want tu marry him ,he is rude ,proud etc, I don’t love him anymore bt my parent said I used marry him weather he love me or not .since the beginning ,he has nt show any interest in me ,and I don’t went tu force him tu marry me because of the children ,i don’t think I will be happy with him ,I went us tu go our separate life .we fight a lot ,so pls advice me on wat tu do

  5. My sis go without him. No matter how u dress a monkey is still a monkey. Go with your children. This world is full of surprises. Nursing a noble profession. We come out clean for them but they use it against. Do what is good n right.. Don’t send him along. He is a big disappointment n opportunist

  6. You have a serious problem. You are greedy, selfish and very ungrateful. Don’t let the spirit of ingratitude draw you backwards. Use the opportunity to unify and smoothen your marriage. Try your best and leave the rest to the Lord.

  7. I know there’s a lot you haven’t said….but don’t go with him … This is an opportunity to start life afresh…. Of course you can’t do that on an unhappy note…. Go with your children.

  8. My sister please forget about him go, go and grab this opportunity that god want to use to change your story and your life

  9. I think the lady should go without him because in abroad, is no one cares. God is the answer to every prayer so she should ignore him cos no love exist in this relationship. Thank u

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