I don’t know how to put it so let me be straight with it. My wife is a terrible cook. Her cooking is worse. I have asked her to hire a cook but she is refusing. If I eat from the restaurant, she gets furious and doesn’t want to even talk with me. I think I am suppose to be the victim not her.

I am not enjoying my marriage as far as good food is concern. She says I should stand by her and not criticize her. The worse is she doesn’t want to take cooking classes. I want to be welcomed home from long day job with some good healthy food. She likes industry spices and flavours; I feel poisoned from her food. I want quality traditional kind of foods.

People, I need help!

By Ian Dei

5 thoughts on “My Wife Is A Terrible Cook!”
  1. Talk of egocentrism and this one is from a woman who is terrible at what she’s got loads of ego about. Anyway talk to her mom or someone elderly lady she would listen to about it. It’s a good thing she wants to do it. See that as the bright side.

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