I have stayed and worked in Russia for 8 years. Things weren’t smooth in my first 2 years stay but all things being equal I made it with good job and started sending money home; to my wife in Africa.

After 2 years I decided to move back to Africa to join my family. But, I had to provide proper accomodation for my wife and child. I don’t want to come back and see things the way I left it. I told my wife I want to build a house, so I will be sending her money, which she should use to secure a piece of land and start with the building project.

Aside this I use to send her and my child money for upkeep.

By my seventh year stay in Russia my house was ready so I decided to use the last year to get enough money as a start up capital at home.

I came home, to Africa and things were quite different. It’s been almost a year since I came and my wife hasn’t made any move to speak to her family to make things appropriate.

My wife’s elder sister and her 2 childern,brother in law, mother in law, are all living in the house. And I have been feeding them, since. They have no idea I am on a budget.To add to it, all of them work and they can afford a place but they have decided to indirectly break me.

I am choking up and not enjoying my homecoming. I need advice as to how to go about things and get my house for my family.

By Ian Dei

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