Help me judge my relationship & marriage

I have been married for twenty years. We have children and by the grace of God they attend one of the best schools in my country.

People complain to me that,they have been sighting my husband and other women but I always defend him. Some even say he rents and buys apartments for those women.

Why will I believe this, when he performs his rights as a husband. So I deny to believe, besides I have not gotten any concrete evidence. He has never slept somewhere overnight, He eats home.

A friend of mine gave birth to a baby girl. We live in the same neighborhood so I tend to help her with her baby, more often. I used to buy baby items for her. She relocated into a nice house rented by the father of the baby.

Sadly, after twelve years my friend died in a car accident. Her child is now in junior high school, all grown.

To cut everything short,the father of the child is my husband and he bought the house for her. Wow!….this child even comes to my house often to play with my children. My last born is just two years older than this child.

This issue has hit me so hard that over months now, I haven’t been able to even look at my husband.

I don’t want to see the child since she makes me angry. And this anger channels most to my dead friend. How could she do that to me? I feel stupid and blind. My husband is also begging with lots of “I am Sorry for what I did” and that pisses me off. He wants the child to come and stay with us. What the ….!

I feel sorry for the child but she is innocent and i don’t want to divorce my husband either because of my children. Please help me with this.


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  1. Marriage is for better for worse. I’m only 24, but I’m proud of my mum. My dad had an issue outside marriage, my mom accepted the boy and now we are a happy family. Most people don’t even know he isn’t my mum’s boy. To me, forgive him, and treat the small girl as your own. I know it hurts, but that hurt should not over take your human nature. Let God judge all. May God bless and give you strength to handle it

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