I have been married for five years and we have a child, a boy. I was a virgin by the time I was marrying my husband and I have not cheated with anyone since I got married.

I hear people talk about orgasm, read about it and seen xxx movies of women getting orgasms. And I just knew I had not gotten any of that, ever in my sex life or marital life.

So I started to employ these techniques in my marital life but I am not getting any positive results because of my husband’s unwillingness to support.

I am not happy sexually and it is weighing me down. And I also don’t want to cheat on my husband plus I don’t want this to lead to divorce.

And I want to have sex with my husband everyday. I am quite confused if this drive is due to the sexual unsatisfactory in my marriage. Do I need counselling or What? I don’t want my husband to think I have had affairs and by that I am striking difference here or lifting the bar for my husband.

What do I do?

By Ian Dei

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