I am writing this story on behalf of a nanny who became my friend.

She said that she was once engaged to a young rich guy. They had a child together and to her surprise the guy just told her he was marrying another woman. And he told her that when her rent is due she should fine another place to stay. He took almost everything he bought for her and just left.

When the rent was due she went back to the village with her child being a jobless mother. At the time she was telling me this, I was so pissed and asked her why she didn’t complain this to WAJU or one of those relationship committees in the country. The guy was not taking care of the child even to date.

I had a baby and was seeking for a babysitter and eventually she heard and came for the job. Hearing her story i gave her a place to stay in my home. And along the line we became friends.

She went to church one day and came back with an interesting. Her pastor said,

“What happened to you is because of your grandmother. Simply put, your grandmother bewitched you.That’s why things ended up that bad”

Those were the exact words the pastor used according to her narration.

So the pastor prophesied that she would marry a pastor.

Eventually, her grandmother died and she met this youngman who is a pastor. She told me about him and I advised her to take things slowly but she felt it was her breakthrough.

And I recently found out that she lied about him, almost everything she told me about him were lies. May be it was desperation to get married.

She said that, he had his own house meanwhile he was living with his father. I still don’t understand why she did that.

So she went on ahead and paid her own dowry by renting garments used to perform this rite for herself instead of making the guy pay for them as custom demands. I didn’t know all these until recently. She used the salaries I paid her for the marriage rites and aside this i gave her bonus worth $500. She used it all for the marriage because the pastor said his work wasn’t fetching much lately and he would pay later which he didn’t pay till now.

She hasn’t been able to pay for the garments she rented.

Things became worse because she became unemployed again and the pastor was not putting food on the table. She found out he had a child somewhere he didn’t tell her until after the marriage. He only gets money from church offerings and even he is not the head pastor and neither associate pastor as he claimed he was.So I had to be sending her money for her up keep.

Four months after her marriage she got miscarriage and was admitted at the hospital.She recovered, came back and according to her wasn’t feeding well because her husband was not again being responsible for her.

Three months later, she conceived again and he wasn’t giving her money for her up keep. But according to my nanny, the man was lieing because there was a time he left home and came back four hours later looking satifisfied.

She later found out the man was eating at another woman’s house. This was when i knew enough was enough and she needed help. She is still confused if she is suppose to divorce him or not, knowing he being an irresponsible and a cheating husband.

By Ian Dei

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