After being stabbed in the head, a South African cyclist wasn’t going to wait around for an ambulance—and perhaps another assault. Instead, he rode his bike to a nearby doctor’s office, the knife still protruding from his skull.

Shaun Wayne was biking to his restaurant job in Strand, a seaside resort near Cape Town, last month when two unknown assailants jumped him on Gordon’s Bay Drive, a major road by the shore. Wayne, 34, managed to fend off his attackers after being stabbed, then pedaled nearly half a mile to his doctor’s office. Though startled, other patients in the waiting room were nice enough to let him cut the line.

“He asked very politely if we had a doctor free to see him,” Wayne’s doctor, Brendan Venter, told the Daily Mail. “He was very calm and lucid, although bleeding a lot.”

Wayne was transferred to a nearby hospital, where the knife was removed during emergency surgery. Miraculously, Venter said, the six-inch blade “bent on impact with the bone and went down his face outside the skull.” It’s believed Wayne will make a full recovery and won’t suffer any long-term physical effects from the stabbing, his friends told the Sunday Times.

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By Ian Dei

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