It’s ironic but Jay Z probably shouldn’t be in charge of the music at his next dinner party.

The Big Pimpin rapper created quite an awkward moment while he and his wife, Beyonce, were on a double date with then-couple Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill a couple of years ago.

Possibly the most amazing group of dinner guests? Well somehow, Drake and his Back To Back diss track ended up ruining the moment.

Before Meek Mill and Nicki split in 2015, the couple were invited to hang out with hip hop’s power couple Beyonce and Jay Z, as you do.

Recalling the coveted invitation during a talk with Elliott Wilson at Tidal, Meek said: ‘I was hype as shit. I was with Nicki… Hov and Beyonce were like, “Come out and eat with us”

By Ian Dei

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