Sir Billy Connolly has revealed he has tried smoking marijuana to treat his Parkinson’s, but has just ended up getting “stoned” instead.

The 76-year-old comedian had decided to start using the drug to help him manage his incurable condition, which leaves him shaking and struggling to move.

However, speaking to the Radio Times, Billy admitted things hadn’t gone quite to plan.

“I just got bomb happy. Just stoned,” he said. “It was quite pleasant, but I don’t want to do that every day.

“I was never very good with marijuana, I always got too stoned and it always lasted too long. I stopped all that about 30 years ago.”

The Scottish comedian was diagnosed with Parkinson’s, along with deafness and prostate cancer, in 2013.

His wife, Pamela Stephenson, was forced to speak out about fears for his health earlier this year, when Billy’s friend Sir Michael Parkinson claimed he had taken a turn for the worsefollowing a “sad and awkward” dinner he shared with Billy in 2016.

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By Ian Dei

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