Palm-size computers and intelligent phones continue to transform lives in ways large and small—from morning commutes to sleep patterns. Of course, that extends to beauty routines, too, as a new wave of clever high-tech facial tools transforms our skin—no trip to the dermatologist’s office required. From a collagen-producing microneedling tool to a powerful bacteria-fighting light, here, nine devices that prove the future of beauty is now.

Mimic the hands of Hollywood’s most in-demand facialists with these sculpting tools that contour cheekbones, massage and lift heavy eyebrows, and de-puff the eye area. Bonus points to those who toss ReFa’s latest facial shaper into the freezer for a jolt of cooling and anti-inflammatory benefits.

Prepare for a complete overhaul with the latest crop of retexturizing gadgets.

Nurse Jamie and GloPro’s microneedling instruments use steel targeted, delicate tips to tighten and decrease fine lines by creating microscopic “wounds” in the skin’s surface that trigger a fresh supply of collagen; meanwhile, Ziip’s handheld device (developed by celebrity go-to Melanie Simon) harnesses the power of gentle electrical currents to boost cellular energy—and improve acne, elasticity, and pore size over time.

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By Ian Dei

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