Confession: I’m a chronic snooze button-pusher. I’ve tried setting alarms on multiple devices, forcing myself to get up to turn off my alarm, various sleep apps, and setting my alarm earlier than I need to wake up in the hopes that I could trick myself out of bed on time.

Spoiler alert: none of it worked, and getting out of bed in the morning without hitting snooze enough times to lose count before ultimately crawling into my living room in a sleepy fog felt near-impossible. But in the end, I figured it out—and the answer was on my ceiling, hanging above me the whole time. The thing that saved my mornings was actually the smart bulb in my bedroom.

The only thing you need for this trick to work? The smart bulb of your choice (and potentially a hub for setting it up, if your chosen light bulb requires one), a WiFi connection, and a smart phone.

Personally, I use the TP-Link Kasa smart bulb, which doesn’t require a hub—all you have to do is replace your regular light bulb with it, download the app, and follow the set-up instructions. It’s compatible with voice assistants like Amazon Alexaand Google Assistant, but you actually don’t even need one to do this— though I will say, asking Alexa to turn off your lights at night instead of getting up to flip the switch will make you feel all-powerful.

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By Ian Dei

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