A couple of years ago, I was reading one of those beauty sites on which some of the world’s coolest women talk at length about their lives in terms of health and beauty—the products they’ve grown up using, the ones they’ve recently discovered, the routines they’ve come to rely on.

One particular woman—successful, informed, pretty—said something that stuck with me:

“If you don’t juice, or if you don’t have time to juice, you can use liquid chlorophyll!”

As someone who buys into the “green is good” idea but most certainly does not have her shit together enough to regularly treat drinking juice as a verb, I took to Google and found thousands of results about this so-called miracle potion—made from the molecule inside green plants and vegetables that give them their color—and the ways in which it might improve your immune system, energy levels, weight, digestion, even your natural body odor, all of which you can read about here and here.

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By Ian Dei

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