Blame it on the fact that I binge-watched the entirety of Netflix’s Salt Fat Acid Heat, a four-part docuseries based on Samin Nosrat’s brilliant cookbook, in one sitting, but I finally invested in a Dutch oven. Although I’ve proclaimed many, many, many times that I don’t love cooking, I can honestly say this classic piece of cast-iron cookware was worth every penny. Of course, I didn’t need a $300 Dutch oven, but after acquiring a one, my food (and, at the risk of sounding overly dramatic, my life) has drastically improved.

Typically I cut any and all corners in pursuit of an under-30-minute meal on busy weeknights, but this sturdy pot has boosted my kitchen confidence, inspiring me to attempt recipes that I’d typically shy away from.

While I opted to add a pricey Staub Dutch oven to my cookware arsenal, there are plenty of affordable options on the market to choose from, too, including under-$100 Milo and Lodge models. But no matter the brand printed on the bottom of your pot, trust me: You’re going to want to bookmark these easy Dutch oven recipes to break it in.

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By Ian Dei

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