The German government is working on the assumption that all open questions regarding an agreement on Britain’s exit from the European Union will be settled by the time of a meeting of the EU’s leaders on Sunday, a government spokesman said.

Government spokesman Steffen Seibert was responding to a question on Gibraltar, the British exclave on the coast of Spain, after Spain’s Prime Minister threatened to veto any deal on a future relationship if its status were not resolved to his satisfaction.

“The government is glad that the European Commission’s and the United Kingdom’s negotiators have reached an agreement not just on an exit agreement but also on a political declaration regarding a future relationship,”

he told a regular news conference on Friday.

“The open questions remaining are still being worked on,” he added. “We assume that by Sunday any possible open questions will have been settled,” he said. “The European Commission is in contact with everyone concerned on the Gibraltar question and we trust it to find a solution.”

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By Ian Dei

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