Formula One champion Lewis Hamilton accused Williams driver Sergey Sirotkin of being “disrespectful” on Saturday after a near-miss with the Russian in Brazilian Grand Prix qualifying.

Both were on an ‘out’ lap in the second phase of qualifying – positioning themselves for a quick following lap by keeping a gap with the car in front.

Sirotkin then came up fast behind Mercedes’ five times champion, who jinked to the left but almost into the Russian’s path as the Williams took evasive action by running onto the grass.

“I was making sure I had the gap but then all of a sudden…I saw a car coming at high speed so I was like ‘Oh my God, is that someone on a lap?’,” Hamilton, who qualified on pole position, told reporters.

“So I went to move to the left and that’s where he decided to go but he wasn’t on a (quick) lap, so I don’t really know what his thinking was really…

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By Ian Dei

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