7 Ways To Creating A Strong Password

  • Know what to Avoid

To create an unhackable password avoid the above listed items.

  • Know what is Good for a strong password

A good password must have the above listed items.

  • Vowel Elimination Technique

From the above picture the password “hlldrknssmyldfrnd” is deduced or derived from “hello darkness my old friend”. Good one huh!

  • Using a phrase or sentence peculiar to you

You could make up a sentence you alone understands.

  • Random Words Selection

Random words like the above coyod be selected to make the password. Some Items in your room or office could do. Eg. TvRemoteFanFridge Cooker

  • Replacing Vowels With Consonants

Simply create unreadable sentence for your password by replacing vowels in a peculiar sentence with consonants.

  • Adding the Service of the password to it

Is the passwird created for work email, add ‘ Work Email’ or ‘Wrkml’


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