DNA extractions of hair samples collected from Aboriginal diaspora across Australia during the early to mid 1900s has just unveiled that population present in the region of Australia has had the same lineage descendancy for the last 50,000 years.

Findings published today in the esteemed journal Nature, reiterates on the strong connection Aboriginal communities share with their country while displayed the first intricate detailed genetic mapping of Aboriginal Australians prior to the arrival of Europeans.

There are the first preliminary results from the Aboriginal Heritage project, under the guide-ship of the University of Adelaides Australian Centre for Ancient DNA (ACAD) in collaboration with the South Australian Museum.

Researchers analyzed mitochondrial DNA from 111 hair samples collected during a series of anthropological expeditions across Australia from 1928 to the 1970s, which are also a part of the South Australian Museums collection of hair samples.

The results proved that modern Aboriginal Australians are the descendants of a single founding populace that appeared in Australia some 50,000 years ago and grew then onwards to other regions.

Some Information sourced from brecorder.com

By Ian Dei

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