Women are very special in a man’s life. However, as many have a strong personality, they close and do not ask their partner what they really wanted the couple’s relationship to be.

Thinking about it, we decided to put together a list of some things your girl would like to ask you, but often do not have the guts or do not know how to tell you.

01. She wants attention and help with housework.

Nothing worse than someone who does not pay attention, by the way, this is for both sides. A woman likes to feel special, and leaves her alone and without the least consideration greatly hurts her interior. Helping her with household chores, such as doing the dishes, leaves her quite satisfied, since the mess irritates the majority of women.

02. Men in good spirits and always good with life.

Another thing that nobody deserves is someone who is always in a bad mood. Try to make jokes at appropriate times, but be careful not to be too exaggerated and end up spoiling the good mood part.

03. Men with vanity.

Having as partner someone who is always smelly and with a presentable look pleases any one. A man who does not settle for anything gives an impression of disinterest, which can ruin a relationship.

04. They want partners who care about them.

Ask her how her day was at work, make long-term plans including her, and other things of the kind that make her feel important in her partner’s life. Remember that most of them already do this, so reciprocate the concern.

Remembering that everything varies from woman to woman, since nobody is the same. But some things, all without exception like, respect and affection are some of the attitudes that you should always have.

Source: Topbuzz by Valdeilson

By Ian Dei