MLM, Multi-Level Marketing

Have you heard of Network Marketing? It has become the order of the day. Almost everyone is talking about it.

Have you wondered how it works?

Is easy let’s use this scenario. Every person has 24hrs in a day but some people have more than that.

And these people are the Ceo’s of these MLM companies.

Imagine you hire 10 peoples to work 8hrs for you. That means they have been hired to do what you were suppose to do. That instant you own their hrs and that makes you have 80hrs in a day though you will pay them monthly.

On this principle these companies have build huge tree under their feet. This puts them on top or at the apex of the tree.

They deal in all sort of products or services. Some of them are Medicinal products, Minerals; gold,diamond,etc, cleaning services,etc.

May be you have not heard of them so let me help you out eventhough they are everywhere lately perhaps knocking at your door.

Some of these companies are; Alliance In Motion Global, Max International, Vida davina, Pay Diamonds,etc.

Let me talk of one, which is Alliance In Motion ( AIM GLOBAL).

They deal with Medicinal products and also makes you filthy RICH.

Let’s use Video to simply do that;

What do you think?

By Ian Dei

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