The bigger question to start off with is: Where do you want to spend your eternity?

Almost all the religions in the world talk of life after death. May be not a life in this physical world or another fleshy world somewhere but a world inhabited by spirits. A place where life goes on but with our spiritual persons. Most religions points to Heaven and Hell, place the Saints and the Evildoers respectively. Of course there will be a requirement to choose or not choose. Requirement as in way of life or manner in which you lived your life here on earth.

A Multi-Religion Community or A Secular Community

What does religion do to mankind?

Does it Unite or it creates diversity leading to different Colors of mindsets?

Religion makes its follows see other Religion as “inferior” or look at others with you-have-missed-the-way look.

So atimes it makes it difficult for different people with different religious background to cohabitate.

This perhaps undermines unity where as these religions talks about unity and love being the hallmark; how Ironic.

What about secular community?

Everything goes but when gone out of boundary; immorality surpassing Gomorrah sets in.

By Ian Dei

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