Mario Falcone thinks ‘something happened’ to pal Mike Thalassitis the night before his suicide

Mario Falcone has revealed his belief that something happened to Mike Thalassitis just before he took his own life. Mike was found dead at the age of just 26 in a North London park back in March. Former TOWIE star Mario, who has been open about his own battles with depression and suicide attempt, said... Continue Reading →


Brit couple and baby jailed in US after ‘accidentally swerving’ over Canadian border

A British couple claim they have been thrown into jail in the US after swerving across the US border from Canada to avoid hitting an animal. David and Eileen Connors were on holiday with their three-month-old baby in Vancouver, when they say they veered onto a dirt track - but after continuing down the road... Continue Reading →

Cameron Boyce’s Disney star died due to epilepsy

Actor Cameron Boyce's cause of death was "sudden unexpected death in epilepsy," the Los Angeles County Department of Medical Examiner-Coroner said Tuesday. It is the office's final determination in the actor's death. This report is in line with the preliminary findings of an autopsy performed earlier this month, which determined the 20-year-old actor died of natural causes.... Continue Reading →

Incredible photos show baby boy born ‘en caul’ – still INSIDE his protective amniotic sac

The newborn was delivered by C-section at 36 weeks, floating in his protective balloon. It was two minutes before the newborn could take his first breath - as medics pierced the sheath surrounding him. The unnamed tot was born "en caul" - meaning the sac protecting him didn't burst as it should when he was... Continue Reading →

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