90-Day Career Diet: Addressing the “Dreaded Resume”

Your resume isn’t a tombstone epitaph for what you’ve done in the past. It’s a living document that, when coupled with your LinkedIn profile, can generate real enthusiasm. There’s a reason why I’m addressing resume now, at this fourth stage of the 90-Day Career Diet. Your resume alone is not the gateway to a new... Continue Reading →


Oscar Predictions 2019: Lady Gaga, Kendrick Lamar, SZA And Dolly Parton For Best Original Song

The nominations for the ninety-first Academy Awards will be announced tomorrow morning, and this year, a number of well-known singles are in the running for Best Original Song, which is not always the case. Some years, big stars are up for the honor with tracks the massses loved, while in other instances, the general public... Continue Reading →

The Men Keep Disappearing In Song Jae Jung’s Fantasy K-dramas

South Korean screenwriter Song Jae Jung is best known for her fantasy dramas, the latest of which is Memories of Alhambra, starring Hyun Bin and Park Shin Hye. It’s the fourth of her dramas that feature some element of science fiction or fantasy. There’s an augmented reality game run amok in Memories of Alhambra; a... Continue Reading →

Experts say it’s safe to raise limit for tremors at Britain’s fracking sites

Britain could safely raise the limit for tremors at gas fracking sites, two seismologists said on Tuesday.Fracking at Cuadrilla’s Preston New Road site in Lancashire, northwest England was halted several times last year after seismic activity exceeded limits put in place under Britain's traffic light regulation system.Read More

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